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Mad For Chicken, New York NY

Everyone knows that New Yorkers are insufferable when it comes to food. You can’t so much as mention having enjoyed a meal elsewhere without eliciting some variant on the following: “Oh yeah? Well, there’s this place in New York…” They … Continue reading

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Madangsui, New York NY

One freezing cold night during our New York trip we met a group of friends at Madangsui for Korean bbq. We had to eat at 5:30 because The New York Times recently wrote it up as “Manhattan’s best Korean barbeque … Continue reading

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Momofuku Noodle Bar, New York NY

Momofuku Ando is the name of the man who invented instant ramen noodles. David Chang, of the “refined meathead” school of cooking, named his restaurants Momofuku, one assumes in tribute. On the other hand, Chang also says in his recently … Continue reading

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Barney Greengrass: New York, NY

We visited the museum of natural history in New York, where we saw this diorama, which raises the question: Did Wes Anderson design this, was he heavily influenced by diorama design, or did the diorama designer just watch the Royal Tenenbaums … Continue reading

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Osteria al Doge, New York NY

Our sister-in-law Kathy found Osteria al Doge, which was conveniently located near our hotels in the theater district. Austin isn’t exactly known for great Italian cuisine, so this was a treat. I had the pappardelle with Lamb Ragú, and it … Continue reading

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Zampa, New York NY

Weary from battling the New Year’s crowds in Midtown, Ben and I braved the cold and rode the subway down to the West Village. I lived on Jane Street for a couple of years after college and this is one … Continue reading

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Burger Joint, New York NY

Eliza and I spent New Year’s in NYC with my family, something that’s becoming a new holiday tradition. We also had the chance to see a lot of friends up there, including Jeff and Elizabeth, who made a last-minute up with their … Continue reading

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