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Taco More

When we walked into Taco More, the phrase “stranger in a strange land” popped into my head. Located in a nondescript stretch of North Austin, Taco More is just what it sounds like: a basic taco joint. But it’s also … Continue reading

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I wouldn’t say that Indian food is a culinary strength of Austin. But we here at Chicken Fried Everything are always looking for diamonds in the rough. We recently tried a place near our house called Sarovar. We didn’t make … Continue reading

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The Inevitable: Burger Tex

I’ve lived in Texas for about four years, and I’ve come to the conclusion that there are two things Texans love more than anything else: naming stuff after Texas, and wordplay. So we have Texpresso for coffee, Texadelphia for cheese … Continue reading

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Phil's Ice House

Two things probably determine whether or not you enjoy Phil’s: your feelings about Kolache buns and your tolerance of children. I’m okay with both, so I like the place. I always get the 78704. I’m not normally one for hamburgers … Continue reading

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Asia Cafe: The Unwritten Rules

At Asia Cafe, it’s best not to ask the staff for recommendations. The typical response is a blank stare. But don’t fret. The first unwritten rule of ethnic food is that the harder it is to communicate with restaurant employees, … Continue reading

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Top Notch

When you have a blog called Chicken Fried Everything, some people assume that you only like fried food. That’s actually not the case. People who make assumptions like that, by the way, are the same kind of people that answer … Continue reading

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The Neighborhood Joint Perfected: Billy's On Burnet

The neighborhood bar holds a kind of mythic status. It’s an archetype that is in most of our heads, but few of our actual neighborhoods. I must have driven by Billy’s On Burnet a hundred times, often wondering what it … Continue reading

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Things I Like About the House: Storage

I’m learning that when you buy a house, trips to Home Depot take up a good portion of every weekend. I don’t mind Home Depot, but I’m not a fan of spending the weekend in the car. I will say … Continue reading

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Charm School: Texas Rib Kings, Austin TX

On September 6th 1995, I began to realize that professional photography wasn’t my calling. That was the day that Cal Ripken Jr. broke Lou Gehrig’s “Iron Man” record, playing his 2,131st consecutive game. I wasn’t exactly a big baseball fan, … Continue reading

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Austin Food Truck Roundup: Asia Edition

I’ve had some photos stacking up lately, but no time to do proper writeups. So here’s a nice copout: a breezy tour through some of the recent additions to the food truck scene in Austin. Oddly enough, all of them … Continue reading

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