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Details, Details: Sun In My Belly, Atlanta GA

Our first morning in Atlanta, Ben and I went to Sun in My Belly in Kirkwood. This converted hardware store has my favorite breakfast in town. And this is no irrational obsession. Sun In My Belly seems to do everything right, from the … Continue reading

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Old Reliable: Roasters, Atlanta GA

In search of more comfort food in Atlanta, we headed to Roasters. (Apparently I’m fond of taking photos of tilted circles.) This cornbread muffin was one of the tastiest items we had in Atlanta. These guys know how to cook a … Continue reading

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Serpas, Atlanta GA

Serpas was recently named one of the country’s ten best new restaurants. We tried it on our recent trip to Atlanta. Chef Scott Serpas was previously at Two Urban Licks, the popular Atlanta restaurant with the awful name and (as … Continue reading

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Irrational Obsession: Willy's, Atlanta GA

This is the very image of happiness, what some would call a shit-eating grin: This is Eliza savoring her favorite–I’m not exaggerating–her favorite thing to eat. That’s right. More than anything else in the world, Eliza loves veggie burritos from … Continue reading

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Watershed, Atlanta GA

Watershed is one of those old standby restaurants you always hear people talking about in Atlanta. Somehow, neither Eliza nor I had ever been there. We finally made it for brunch. On Jeff’s recommendation, Eliza got the country ham and … Continue reading

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Christmas Is For Eating

We just got back from a 13-day trip to Atlanta and New York. Ostensibly, our purpose was to spend some quality time with family, but everyone knows that the true spirit of Christmas is gluttony, so we did our part … Continue reading

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What's My Name?

Alright, I admit it. I have now been married to Ben for almost a year and I still haven’t legally changed my name. I decided a long time ago that that changing my name would be more of an aesthetic … Continue reading

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Chicken Fried Baby Shower

A couple of weeks ago, I went back to Atlanta to celebrate the upcoming arrival of my first niece. Proud parents-to-be Margaret and Matt have nicknamed her Baby Chick, a nod to their last name, so we decided to throw … Continue reading

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Dancing Goats Coffee Bar, Atlanta GA

We are serious coffee snobs. And I am certifiably obsessed. I even brought my own thermos of iced coffee concentrate on the road (which was a brilliant call). I usually delight in bringing visitors to Austin’s Caffe Medici, which serves … Continue reading

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Cakes & Ale, Atlanta GA

At the last minute (partly due to the fact that we forgot about a little thing called time zones), we decided to stop short of Statesboro and visit some peeps in Atlanta. We arrived road weary and hungry. Lucky for … Continue reading

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