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White Line Fever

Lately, my main mode of transportation has been my Xtracycle cargo bike. Recently, I made my biggest haul home from the office, which included a Cuisinart ice cream maker from Amazon. Stay tuned for ice cream updates.

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Holga: The Accidental Genius

I get it. I’m not breaking any new ground here by telling you about the Holga. You have one. Your friend who’s a graphic designer–the guy who wears denim cutoffs and oversized ironic sunglasses–told you about it and you bought … Continue reading

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In Praise of the Unitasker

It’s great when something does more than one thing for you. In the case of mobile phones, it’s nice when they can double as a camera, for example, as it means you have one less thing to carry around. Alton … Continue reading

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Gillette Is Trying To Ruin Your Life

When I worked in advertising, I’d often hear the following tidbit recited to prospective clients: The average American encounters something like 3,000 marketing messages every single day. We were of course citing this statistic without the least hint of irony … Continue reading

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