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Bedroom Recordings, Vol. III: The Finer Things in Life

One of our dogs is afraid of guitars. This means that I’ve done a lot less playing around the house than I used to. But I’m hoping over time I can get her used to it.¬†For the last couple of … Continue reading

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Bedroom Recordings, Vol. I Pt. 2: Meanest In the World

Sometimes a song just pours right out of you and other times it’s more like giving birth. And then there are times when it’s a blend of the two. This song was a blend. I’d had the idea for the … Continue reading

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Bedroom Recordings, Vol I: Meanest In The World

I always thought it would be fun to have a songwriting blog. I imagined myself posting little snippets here and there, possibly even collaborating with musicians around the country. I would upload a file, they’d add something and send it … Continue reading

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