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Father's Office, Los Angeles CA

We heard about Father’s Office from several people. It made Jeff’s best burgers of 2009 list, and I’m sure many others. Like In-N-Out, it was also recommended by a mostly-vegetarian friend. (It occurs to me that I should start asking … Continue reading

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In-N-Out Burger, Los Angeles CA

Last weekend, we took a trip out to LA to visit some friends. Naturally, we planned pretty much every waking moment around meals. It made me wonder: Did we start this blog because our lives revolve around food or do … Continue reading

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Table for How Many? The Spotted Pig, New York NY

The Spotted Pig is one of our favorites places in New York. The last time we visited, we showed up the minute they were supposed to open for lunch, only to be told “Uh… we’re not really ready to open … Continue reading

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Burger Joint, New York NY

Eliza and I spent New Year’s in NYC with my family, something that’s becoming a new holiday tradition. We also had the chance to see a lot of friends up there, including Jeff and Elizabeth, who made a last-minute up with their … Continue reading

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Serpas, Atlanta GA

Serpas was recently named one of the country’s ten best new restaurants. We tried it on our recent trip to Atlanta. Chef Scott Serpas was previously at Two Urban Licks, the popular Atlanta restaurant with the awful name and (as … Continue reading

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A Mighty Fine Burger By Any Other Name…

A few months ago, the folks who run the Austin franchises of Rudy’s BBQ stopped by our office to give a presentation about their business practices and culture. I have to admit, my jaded ass was and is pretty skeptical … Continue reading

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Dan's Hamburgers: "I stopped at a roadhouse in Texas…"

Yesterday, Eliza and I decided to celebrate one of those only-in-America holidays: National Chocolate Milkshake Day. To mark the occasion, we visited one of the vestiges of the old, weird Austin: Dan’s Hamburgers. We’re not clear on the story behind this … Continue reading

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