New York All To Ourselves: Osteria Morini

Crowds are inevitable in New York–or so we thought until we visited during one of the recent blizzards up there. We arrived right after about a foot of snow was dumped on the city. It felt like a zombie movie. We had the place to ourselves.

It took some convincing to get Eliza to venture out for lunch (we were dangerously close to eating at a Subway near our hotel), but I talked her into it. Looks like she made the right choice.

Our destination was Michael White’s Osteria Morini. The New York Times said of the place, “Mr. White puts Italian traditions through the American supersize machine. There is enough duck-liver mousse in his antipasto portion to spackle a room.” This is the kind of review that gets us excited, even if it makes the place sound like the culinary equivalent of a Chevy Tahoe.

It’s a cozy place, a perfect respite from the snow.

We started with the “battilardo” (Italian for cutting board) featuring sliced cured meats, olives, parmigiano, and some tasty little pucks of bread. They were like little biscuits.

The tortellini with duck liver panna.

I believe this was the garganelli.

If this is what eating a Chevy Tahoe feels like, I’ll have one of those and a Suburban for dessert.

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