Pie Time

Eliza has been saying for a while that the next big thing in food is gelatin, but I think it’s pie. I suppose she must not disagree entirely, because this book recently appeared at our house. And now, with this article appearing in the Times, it’s clear that pie’s time has come.

This weekend, we made one of my personal favorites: chess pie. For the uninitiated, chess pie is quintessentially Southern, a sort of proto-pecan pie. Our friend Elizabeth did a nice writeup on chess pie over at the Green Olive blog earlier this year.

But the real winner of our pie experimentation so far is the first one Eliza made: Tar Heel Pie. This isn’t something I had ever heard of, but with a name like Tar Heel Pie, how could you go wrong? It’s like a pecan pie, but chocolate and with the pecans chopped and mixed in.

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