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Pie Time

Eliza has been saying for a while that the next big thing in food is gelatin, but I think it’s pie. I suppose she must not disagree entirely, because this book recently appeared at our house. And now, with this article … Continue reading

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Hipster Bloodsport

This week’s New Yorker features a profile of Spotted Pig chef April Bloomfield. One passage reminded me of our last visit there: New Yorkers didn’t quite know what to make of it. Was it a bar with good food? A … Continue reading

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Do You Know What It Means To Eat New Orleans (Pt. II)

New Orleans, yesterday is going to he hard to beat. But let’s try. First stop is breakfast at Luke. A few months back, Anthony Bourdain remarked that there’s no place on earth like you, New Orleans. Grillades and grits is … Continue reading

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Do You Know What It Means To Eat New Orleans? (Pt. I)

Thank you, New Orleans. I am delighted as well. Where shall we go first? Yes, Cochon sounds delightful. Judging by how the name translates and their choice of artwork, New Orleans, I think this will do nicely. Why yes, I … Continue reading

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I wouldn’t say that Indian food is a culinary strength of Austin. But we here at Chicken Fried Everything are always looking for diamonds in the rough. We recently tried a place near our house called Sarovar. We didn’t make … Continue reading

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Poppy; Seattle WA

On a recent work trip to Seattle, I had a nice meal at Poppy with a co-worker. Only managed a couple of passable photos. The clear winner of this meal was the eggplant fries drizzled with honey. Also had a few … Continue reading

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Out of Ham Box Experience

Working at a design firm, I often hear the phrase “out of box experience.” This expression refers to what the rest of us call “unpacking,” usually in reference to technology as Wikipedia points out. Design firms love to use fancy words … Continue reading

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White Line Fever

Lately, my main mode of transportation has been my Xtracycle cargo bike. Recently, I made my biggest haul home from the office, which included a Cuisinart ice cream maker from Amazon. Stay tuned for ice cream updates.

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