The Neighborhood Joint Perfected: Billy's On Burnet

The neighborhood bar holds a kind of mythic status. It’s an archetype that is in most of our heads, but few of our actual neighborhoods. I must have driven by Billy’s On Burnet a hundred times, often wondering what it was like inside. Having finally ventured inside, I think we may have discovered the perfect neighborhood burger bar.

When you sit on the porch at Billy’s, you don’t have your own conversation. You inevitably get drawn into a common conversation with everyone else out there (likely including Billy himself). The whole place–inside and out–just exudes friendliness.

I went with the Billy Burger. Solid.

Eliza had the veggie burger. An uncharacteristic choice, but she liked it.

When there are fried pies on the menu, we have a hard time saying no. So we didn’t.

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  1. Alex Walston says:

    Thanks for the kind words! – Alex @ Billy’s

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