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Austin Food Truck Roundup: Asia Edition

I’ve had some photos stacking up lately, but no time to do proper writeups. So here’s a nice copout: a breezy tour through some of the recent additions to the food truck scene in Austin. Oddly enough, all of them … Continue reading

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Bouchon, Los Angeles CA

There are a lot of things that you can do with $50. If you find yourself in Beverly Hills with $50 to burn, one thing you should probably do is purchase the fois gras appetizer at Bouchon. Bouchon is the brainchild … Continue reading

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Things That I Like About the House: The Paper

This weekend we had our first taste of something we have missed ever since moving to campus: the newspaper. We tried for months to get the paper delivered to our apartment at the school, but they never managed to find … Continue reading

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Franklin Barbecue, Austin TX

Yesterday, we finally ate at Franklin Barbecue, a bbq trailer on the I-35 access road. We tried to eat there once before, and were devastated to discover that they had sold out for the day. When we pulled up around noon yesterday, there were already a … Continue reading

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Things I Like About the House: Intro

Eliza and I have officially entered a new stage in life. After spending 18 months living in tiny apartments on the campus of the school where Eliza works, we bought a house. To celebrate our new digs, I’m kicking off … Continue reading

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It took me forever to get my post on Animal finished. In the meantime, we got scooped by the New Yorker. That’ll teach me to dilly dally.

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Why Animal Matters; Los Angeles CA

I’m not very good at comparing meals. A distant, yet perfect meal tends to lose out to the one in front of my face. This is what I love about eating. Every time you sit down, there’s a good chance … Continue reading

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Rental Bizarre

Air travel consists of two basic activities: waiting in line and waiting in a chair. As soon as you finish one, you do the other until you arrive at your destination. The trick is knowing when to stand and when … Continue reading

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