In-N-Out Burger, Los Angeles CA

Last weekend, we took a trip out to LA to visit some friends. Naturally, we planned pretty much every waking moment around meals. It made me wonder: Did we start this blog because our lives revolve around food or do our lives revolve around food because we have this blog? In any case, when you go to LA, you obviously stop at In-N-Out burger immediately.

The place was a total madhouse, both in front of and behind the counter. I took a few shots of the controlled chaos in the kitchen. Yes, I was that creepy guy taking photos of strangers in a fast food restaurant.

This location is right next to the airport, so you get buzzed occasionally by commercial jets.

There’s a lot of love for In-N-Out in this world. I work with a guy who’s a gluten-allergic, vegetarian, food-restricting maniac and even he breaks all his rules when he gets the chance to eat at In-N-Out. So what’s the big deal, you may ask yourself? As you can see from this photo, the secret ingredient is California sunshine.

We each had a Double Double Animal style and Eliza even went for the animal style fries. I’m generally skeptical of putting anything on top of fries, but after tasting hers I regretted my decision. It was a fitting beginning to a long weekend of gluttony.

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3 Responses to In-N-Out Burger, Los Angeles CA

  1. Scott Stater says:

    Cool post… fun pictures. Hope next time you get discovered…

  2. Green Olive says:

    Easy on the lettuce next time!

  3. rock my world two time says:

    i have my fav top ten cali restaurants but this place goes into a category all its own this place is my number 1 burger joint in the whole universe. next comes foster freeze and then comes fatburger who makes excellent onions if i may add. lol and the best shakes good burgers too.

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