Takorea, Austin TX

The taco truck is no stranger to Austin, but the Korean taco trucks that have become popular in LA are a new development here. We recently checked out TaKorea, which is located on the southeast corner of the intersection of 2222/Koenig Lane and I-35. It’s a little hard to find, but worth hunting down.

Kogi, the LA Korean taco truck that put this stuff on the map, really doesn’t like to be called fusion but apparently that label doesn’t bother the folks behind TaKorea.

The seating consists of a few folding chairs and no tables. The nearby traffic provides a steady soundtrack.

They were out of the beef and pork tacos the day we went, so we went with the spicy chicken and a Korean hot dog.

The hot dog was the big winner. It’s a Hebrew National frank with a lot of fun toppings. Can’t say that I know what they were exactly, but it was tasty. The spicy chicken taco was good, but I’d like to go back and try the beef and pork versions.

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  1. Rob L. says:

    Have you tried the other Korean-Mex truck that launched around the same time? http://www.chilantrobbq.com/ They park at 2nd and Congress a lot on weekdays. I’ve been there once and loved the tacos; some of the other guys who sit by me have already been there several times and tried most of the menu.

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