Diner, New York NY

I’m realizing that nearly every post from our New York trip begins with some variation on “We were freezing cold…” But seriously folks, this day took the cake. I was having visions of some future civilization excavating our frozen bodies from some Brooklyn side street. But against all odds, we survived and made our way to Diner, located in the World Hipster Headquarters otherwise known as Williamsburg.

The restaurant is in a 1920s Kullman Diner car. Very cozy.

Our waitress sat down next to us and wrote the daily specials on the table. Nice touch.

Add this to my list of New York food surprises: finding one of the best biscuits I’ve ever had. This one ranks up there with this one and this one.

Eliza had the ham sandwich, which was served on a scone.

I loved not only how our meals at Diner tasted, but also how they looked: elegant, but effortless. Whenever people talk about “presentation” in the context of food, it always seems overly fussy to me. On the other hand, I suppose it’s not actually the idea of presentation that bugs me, just fussy presentation. It’s not about an oddly shaped plate or a random squirt 0f some mystery sauce, but just about letting the ingredients shine. And that’s exactly what’s so great about Diner. It’s simple, fresh and satisfying. All in all, a great way to avoid death by hypothermia while visiting New York.

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  1. Green Olive says:

    Never noticed that giant head up top before. No burger?

  2. Hey Ben,
    Here is the link to that blogger group I told you about at the Farmer’s Market.

    You guys should join, if you haven’t yet. Lots of fun events.

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