Made with Love

I adore the purl bee and all the fun projects they post. Here are some Valentine pins I made while watching way too many episodes of Lost on our Netflix instant queue.

Ben and I are celebrating Valentine’s Day at the Alamo Drafthouse with their Gone with the Wind Valentine’s Day Feast. Five southern-inspired courses with drink pairings will hopefully sustain us for the nearly four hours of Scarlett and Rhett. The Valentine’s Day Feast is becoming a tradition for us – last year we saw Casablanca and the year before it was The Notebook. Despite his best efforts, Ben loved The Notebook and sobbed right along with me at the end.

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2 Responses to Made with Love

  1. ben says:

    Stop telling lies, woman!

  2. Green Olive says:

    I saw it with Ben at the theater when it came out and he did the same thing. How embarassing

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