Mad For Chicken, New York NY

Everyone knows that New Yorkers are insufferable when it comes to food. You can’t so much as mention having enjoyed a meal elsewhere without eliciting some variant on the following: “Oh yeah? Well, there’s this place in New York…” They even have the gall to do this with regional fare where they’re clearly out of their element like barbecue or even fried chicken. The obvious reason they do this is that New Yorkers like to spread misery.

But as it turns out, the South may not have the fried chicken market cornered after all. Apparently Koreans know a thing or two about frying a bird. And they’ve brought their magic to the miserable people of Manhattan.

Our friend Rob brought us to Mad For Chicken. In typical New York fashion, it’s hidden away like some kind of speakeasy.┬áThe photo below shows what the entrance looks like from the street. So before we even started eating, we were impressed a) that people obviously go out of their way to visit this place and b) that Rob was able to find it.

Similar to the methods used to make non-greasy french fries, the Korean style involves a two-stage frying process that allows the meat to cook all the way through, while maintaining a light and crisp skin. It also typically has sauce on the chicken (like Buffalo sauce, but not disgusting like Buffalo sauce). We ordered what seemed like a mountain of chicken, half soy-garlic and half hot-and-spicy. It was pretty dark inside, so it was tough to get a clear photo.

Here’s one I shot by steadying the camera on the table. It gives you a glimpse of that nice, crisp skin.

As we left, I noticed they actually did have a sign, barely visible in a second floor window.

The thing about New Yorkers and food is that they have a point. You can’t really deny that they have the best of everything available to them. You also can’t deny the joy of discovering an entirely new kind of fried chicken. And to be honest, this trip really got us thinking seriously about making a move.

On the other hand, sometimes being right carries with it a price. Or, as the Dude said:


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  1. Green Olive says:

    Buffalo sauce is not disgusting. I’m done with this blog

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