Madangsui, New York NY

One freezing cold night during our New York trip we met a group of friends at Madangsui for Korean bbq. We had to eat at 5:30 because The New York Times recently wrote it up as “Manhattan’s best Korean barbeque restaurant”.

One of the things I love most about Korean bbq is the variety. I’m sure I’m not combining the right things or using the appropriate sauce for each dish, but it always tastes good to me. Here is our kimchee selection.

A delicious pancake. I used the wrong sauce on this one but it was still pretty tasty.

My friend Young referred to this dish as “Korean party food.” She said it’s what your Mom makes you for your birthday. She also added that she never orders it at a restaurant unless she’s with white folks. I guess I’m pretty predictable because it was one of my favorite things on the table.

Our beef, ready to be cooked on our tabletop grill.

This seafood and rice dish was served still cooking in a clay pot. It was kind of like Korean paella.

The cold noodles with mustard and vinegar were awesome. They would be perfect for a hot summer day.

The aftermath.

Little Willie Nelson was a trooper and a very impressive eater. Jeff and Elizabeth were going to take him ice skating after dinner, but he seemed to lose interest somewhere around dish #98.

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