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Shade, Houston TX

Traveling for work can be a grind, but it’s always a little less dreary when you can work a nice meal in. Earlier this week I was in Houston and with the help of the iPhone Yelp app, I found a … Continue reading

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Diner, New York NY

I’m realizing that nearly every post from our New York trip begins with some variation on “We were freezing cold…” But seriously folks, this day took the cake. I was having visions of some future civilization excavating our frozen bodies from … Continue reading

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King of the Hill

Eliza’s crafty streak continues. This time she made a bed for little Stevie. It looks great, but may be slightly overstuffed. It seems like more of a doggie trampoline at this point. Stay tuned for the downsizing…

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New India

We recently paid a visit to Austin’s newest Indian restaurant, New India. They say their menu is “inspired from Mumbai to USA via Goa,” so there’s everything from your standard curries to the Angus Mint Burger and quesadillas. They share … Continue reading

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Made with Love

I adore the purl bee and all the fun projects they post. Here are some Valentine pins I made while watching way too many episodes of Lost on our Netflix instant queue. Ben and I are celebrating Valentine’s Day at … Continue reading

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Mad For Chicken, New York NY

Everyone knows that New Yorkers are insufferable when it comes to food. You can’t so much as mention having enjoyed a meal elsewhere without eliciting some variant on the following: “Oh yeah? Well, there’s this place in New York…” They … Continue reading

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Madangsui, New York NY

One freezing cold night during our New York trip we met a group of friends at Madangsui for Korean bbq. We had to eat at 5:30 because The New York Times recently wrote it up as “Manhattan’s best Korean barbeque … Continue reading

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