Barney Greengrass: New York, NY

We visited the museum of natural history in New York, where we saw this diorama, which raises the question: Did Wes Anderson design this, was he heavily influenced by diorama design, or did the diorama designer just watch the Royal Tenenbaums one too many times? Either way, it was a nice diorama.

After the museum, our trusty friend Yelp let us to Barney Greengrass, aka “The Sturgeon King.”

Once again, there was a wait involved. As you can see, everyone was thrilled to spend some more quality family time together on the frigid streets of New York.

We started with some Potato Latkes.

I went with the Sturgeon on a sesame bagel.

Eliza had smoked trout. Yikes! That thing’s got a head.

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