Zampa, New York NY

Weary from battling the New Year’s crowds in Midtown, Ben and I braved the cold and rode the subway down to the West Village. I lived on Jane Street for a couple of years after college and this is one of my favorite parts of the city. We arrived cold and hungry, in search of some hot coffee and breakfast. We had a long list of recommended places to visit, but a place that wasn’t on the list, Zampa, called out to us. I think I’d be drawn to any place with a pig diagram and hanging pork products as window decorations.

Inside, it was warm and empty. This was one of the few meals we had on this trip with no wait, so the empty chairs were a nice change.

I had the Eggs Valdostana – brioche with eggs and asparagus and a nice little salad. Delicious.

Ben had an omelette with goat cheese and maybe onions. (Looks like that anyway. Maybe mushrooms, too. I knew we should have written this stuff down.)

Leah and Chris joined us at the end of our meal for a cup of coffee.

Then we bundled up and marched off to attempt the impossible – lunch for 11 at The Spotted Pig.

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