Burger Joint, New York NY

Eliza and I spent New Year’s in NYC with my family, something that’s becoming a new holiday tradition. We also had the chance to see a lot of friends up there, including Jeff and Elizabeth, who made a last-minute up with their son Will.

We came armed with a long list of restaurants to try and our first stop was right inside our hotel: Burger Joint in Le Parker Meridien. Although the hotel is pretty fancy, Burger Joint cultivates a divey, speakeasy feel. It’s literally hidden in a corner behind the front desk. There’s no sign other than the line of twenty or so people snaking across the lobby. Stepping inside the place feels like walking onto a movie set. One moment you’re in the spare, modern lobby of the Parker Meridien. A few steps later, you’re in a hot and crowded hole in the wall, the kind of place that would stay open late in college towns. Our friend Rob pointed out that it’s a bit like the Epcot Center version of a burger place. Still, whatever you think of Burger Place’s aesthetic, the burgers themselves are legit.

Lucky for us, hotel guests can call in their order and skip the long line. Here’s a look at the goods, which we devoured in our room on paper plates.

There are a lot of ways you could describe this burger: a perfect introduction to five days of gluttony, powerful antidote to the New York cold, better than your average hotel burger. More than anything, I’d call it solid. It was the kind of burger you’d make at home, which in my mind is the best kind.

After that, we watched the snow fall outside and started planning our next meals.

And speaking of burgers, check out Jeff’s best burgers of 2009.

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