Details, Details: Sun In My Belly, Atlanta GA

Our first morning in Atlanta, Ben and I went to Sun in My Belly in Kirkwood.

This converted hardware store has my favorite breakfast in town. And this is no irrational obsession. Sun In My Belly seems to do everything right, from the mason jars on the table to the warm and cozy design of the room to the Boursin cheese in the scrambled eggs. Everything about the place is thoughtful.

Here it is: the Kirkwood breakfast. Scrambled eggs with Boursin cheese, thick and sweet honey glazed bacon, and a biscuit with butter and jelly. Perfection. Putting the jelly and the butter in the little spoons is a nice little touch.

Ben had the daily omelette special – bbq pork.

Their holiday decorations were beautiful and simple. This giant branch was suspended from the ceiling over our heads. It had fabric leaves and gold ornaments dangling from invisible filament. Lovely.

I love these old lockers in the sitting area. I need some of these to put things in.

Colored lights, holiday traffic, and that dreadful (ED. NOTE: awesome) song, Must be Santa leave me feeling crazed and exhausted. One Kirkwood breakfast enjoyed in Sun In My Belly’s thoughtfully designed and wonderfully cozy space and I’m back on track, ready to jab elbows with the best of them at Lenox Mall.

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