Serpas, Atlanta GA

Serpas was recently named one of the country’s ten best new restaurants. We tried it on our recent trip to Atlanta.

Chef Scott Serpas was previously at Two Urban Licks, the popular Atlanta restaurant with the awful name and (as I recall) pretty great food. His new restaurant, located in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward, has the same lofty feel that Two Urban Licks had.

I decided to have the burger because I was recovering from a case of the stomach flu and wanted some comfort food. It was fine, but I think I’m done ordering burgers at fancy restaurants. Putting burgers on the menu is trendy and always hard for me to resist, but it doesn’t always work out for me. I need to take advantage of fancy restaurants by ordering fancy things.

Eliza had something fancy (jumbo sea scallops with butternut spaghetti squash, panang curry), but I did a half-ass job of shooting it. It looks a little limp in the photo, but she loved it.

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  1. Green Olive says:

    You’re more like curly fries. And watch the potty mouth

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