Christmas Is For Eating

We just got back from a 13-day trip to Atlanta and New York. Ostensibly, our purpose was to spend some quality time with family, but everyone knows that the true spirit of Christmas is gluttony, so we did our part on both counts.

Our first stop was Atlanta, where Jeff and Elizabeth kindly let us take over their house for a few days. These guys were our roommates.



And here’s Peabody, showing my kind of Christmas spirit:

Unfortunately, despite the fact that Peabody and I have at least a few things in common (a healthy appetite, cat-like reflexes), I am allergic to his kind. So when Jeff and Elizabeth got back into town, Eliza and I checked in to the Decatur Holiday Inn. As you can see, they have pretty high standards there. Some hotels will put anyone in charge of the bar. But at the Decatur Holiday Inn, they equip them with copies of both Bartending for Dummies and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Bartending.

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