Bloodshot Records Anniversary Party

One of my co-workers tipped me off about the Bloodshot Records 15th anniversary party they held at Yard Dog in south Austin a couple weeks ago. We stopped by, listened to Ha Ha Tonka and took a few photos. It was like SXSW without the crowds.

bloodshot 1

bloodshot 2

It was a very friendly, decidedly un-college crowd since it was during the UT game.

bloodshot 3

We’re not usually ones to shill for the man, but I did appreciated the duct-tape aesthetic of this Rolling Rock ad. They sponsored the event and gave away free beer.

bloodshot 4

We’ve always liked the fact that Austin is kid-friendly. It makes the town feel more like a community. Atlanta is a much more segregated city, in more ways than one. To me, it sometimes felt like a little bubble of twentysomethings. Of course, you could argue that Austin is also segregated in its own way, but at least people here are okay bringing toddlers to rock shows.

bloodshot 5

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