Art Class: Day 1

On Tuesday, I had my first day of Drawing I, an informal evening class at UT. Our first task was an upside down drawing, working from a Picasso drawing of Igor Stravinsky.

I thought mine was looking okay. But then I turned it right side up. Poor Igor got a broad sloping shoulder and an itty bitty neck.

elizadrawing 1elizadrawing 2

elizadrawing_reverse 1elizadrawing_reverse 2

Then we did contour drawings of our hands. Not being able to look at the paper makes for an interesting drawing. Spooky.

elizadrawing 3

Our last activity of the night was drawing our feet. Our teacher giggled out loud at the giant scale I chose for mine. “I guess that’s how you see them,” she said.

They’re not dainty, but they get me where I need to go.

elizadrawing 4

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2 Responses to Art Class: Day 1

  1. Sue says:

    Is your teacher Pat Falconer? I have taken her class and I adore her. She also teaches a class called “Draw Your Dog”! I think it’s only in the summer, and I missed it this year. Next year! This also reminds me– I’m taking a darkroom class from someone who used to teach photography at the high school where you live! Small world.

  2. eliza says:

    Yes, it is Pat Falconer! I want to take Draw Your Dog – that sounds like so much fun! She mentioned last week that she does hand embroidered portraits of pets while waiting to proofread bills at the Capitol. Who is your darkroom teacher? That sounds like fun too. I think I would like to spend most of my time taking classes.

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