Umm… Nevermind

Plenty of writers retract errors after publishing them. But me, I’m issuing a preemptive retraction. I’m advanced like that.

I wrote a snarky post last night about an online ad I saw with what appeared to be a significantly Photoshopped Alton Brown. Just before I posted, though, I thought twice. How can I be sure? Maybe the dude just lost a bunch of weight? Turns out that was a good instinct. Here’s my original, completely wrong post. Sorry, Alton. I never should have doubted you.

You’re an art director at an ad agency. You’ve been watching Mad Men and you’ve noticed that Don Draper looks pretty svelte in those suits and skinny ties. Meanwhile, your client, Food Network, wants to do an online banner ad with Alton Brown. Problem is, Alton’s no Don Draper and you’ve only got 160 pixels across. Solution = cut + paste.

VoilĂ .


Come on. I’m a fan of this guy. But he hosts a show that had an episode about how to make homemade corn dogs.

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