Ben's Bow Ties

When Ben and I got married last November, he wanted to wear a Carolina blue bow tie. We hunted high and low for the right shade of blue and the perfect fabric, and ended up placing a custom order with Julian’s in Chapel Hill. The fabric had to be special ordered from Spain and the bow ties for Ben, his groomsmen, and our ring bearers took a few months to arrive in Austin.

He looked smashing, of course. Here he is getting ready to sing Tom Waits’ Little Trip to Heaven (On the Wings of Your Love) at our reception. I cried. It was wonderful.


But I wondered – how hard could it be to make a bow tie? Ben loves to wear them whenever he has the opportunity to dress up, but he can never seem to find bow ties that suit him in the stores.

So I enlisted the help of the multi-talented Becky Joiner at the Stitch Lab, bought some fabric, and whipped up a few bow ties just for Ben.


I love this out of print dandelion fabric.


The automatic buttonhole feature on my snazzy new sewing machine is awesome. Now I need to work on placing them in a straight line.



We found this cool fabric at Britex in San Francisco. I’m still dreaming of that lovely store.




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3 Responses to Ben's Bow Ties

  1. Sue says:

    Beautiful! Great idea.

  2. Rachel says:

    They are so awesome! I love the idea of a whole wardrobe of bow ties – especially when they are made with such love! (and snazzy fabric. 🙂

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