Azul Tequila, Where Have You Been All My Life?

The first Christmas after Eliza moved to Austin, I gave her all Austin-themed gifts. One of these “gifts” was kind of like that bowling ball Homer gave Marge. It was The Fearless Critic restaurant guide. On the cardboard display stand in Book People and Whole Foods, it said something like “Less than the cost of one bad meal.” Clearly these people spoke my language.¬†Sure enough, it has led us to quite a few gems in town like¬†Asia Cafe,¬†El Borrego De Oro, and Sunflower. It’s latest hot tip was Azul Tequila. This was one of those trips that left us wondering what took us so long to try this place out.

azul tequila 2

It ain’t much to look at, sitting next to one of the less desirable Targets in town, facing a huge expanse of parking lot, without so much as a patch of grass to break up the concrete desert.

azul tequila 1

Sturdy chips.

azul tequila 3

This may look like one of those stolen moments you just happen to catch on camera. In fact, this is Eliza’s way of saying, under no circumstances are you permitted to take another stupid picture. Sometimes though, it’s good to break the rules.

azul tequila 4

Tequila- I think it was Cuervo Reserva de la Familia.

azul tequila redo

Margarita for Eliza.

azul tequila 5

Chile Relleno en Crema.

azul tequila 7

One of Eliza’s favorites: Cochinita Pibil.

azul tequila 8

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  1. Rachel says:

    Heh! This is one of our faves, too. My husband started going there with co-workers a few years ago, and finally brought me along. We were just there last week!

    And sturdy chips, indeed!

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