A Merlotte's Meal at Home

My New Orleans cousins sent us a lovely wedding gift this week filled with Louisiana goodies. Cooking up a Storm is a collection of recipes collected through The Times-Picayune after Hurricane Katrina washed away the recipe collections of many residents. We decided to try out its recipe for garlic shrimp with some Gulf shrimp we bought at the farmer’s market. Sunday night is True Blood night at our house, so we went with a Louisiana-themed evening.


Ben and I have an ongoing debate about grits and polenta. He proudly showed me these to prove his argument that grits and polenta are one and the same. I’m not so sure.

Shrimpandgrits 2

Whenever we make shrimp, Ben gets P&D duty.

Shrimpandgrits 3

What should we do with the okra?

Shrimpandgrits 4

Fry it, of course.

Shrimpandgrits 5

Bill Compton might not eat it, but we made sure there were no leftovers.

Shrimpandgrits 6

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