Shuck Shack

Yesterday afternoon we ventured to East Austin to check out Shuck Shack, a new seafood joint. We got there before the kitchen opened and were invited to have a seat and a cocktail in their patio area. I hesitated, because Austin is averaging temperatures of 105 lately, but the preservation of some big old trees made the patio quite shady and comfortable.

ShuckShack 1

The menu is pretty simple, but had all of my favorites covered. Raw oysters to come this fall.

ShuckShack 2
ShuckShack 3

Ben’s generous portion of crab cakes was great. Very meaty and well-seasoned with just the right amount of fried-ness. Sometimes, people talk about crab cakes as if the only thing that counts is how much crab you can cram in there and still hold it together. But part of what makes crab cakes great is the rest of the stuff in there. These were a great example of a good balance between crab meat and other stuff.

ShuckShack 4

My fried oyster po boy was great. The bread was perfect and slathered with just a touch of mayo in anticipation of the oysters, shredded lettuce and pico de gallo.

ShuckShack 5

Ben was impressed with the margaritas. And Ben is not easily impressed with margaritas.

ShuckShack 6

When we saw some delivered to the table next to us, we decided we needed to try the hush puppies. They were served with a spicy ranch sauce.

ShuckShack 7

I thought they were great. Ben is a hush puppy purist, though, so he was a little overwhelmed by all the action going on inside those fried little bits.

ShuckShack 8

The view from our table. The hanging bags of sugar water keep the bugs away. The blue porch ceiling keeps the evil spirits away.

ShuckShack 9

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  1. ben says:

    Thanks! I just ordered one of these babies based on your advice from a while back:

  2. Green Olive says:

    Just don’t try to horn in on my racket

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