In Praise of the Unitasker

It’s great when something does more than one thing for you. In the case of mobile phones, it’s nice when they can double as a camera, for example, as it means you have one less thing to carry around. Alton Brown also┬ámakes a pretty persuasive case for what he calls multitaskers in the kitchen. He’s not a fan of the garlic press, for example, because it only does that one thing.

But sometimes it’s nice–charming even–when something does merely one thing. It helps, of course, if it does that one thing in style. Witness this little charmer we picked up at Giant Robot in San Francisco.


It really is charming. And that isn’t just a matter of it’s style, but a reflection of its simplicity. Sure it only does one thing, but it does it reliably and without confusion. It doesn’t crash. It requires no tech support.

And there’s also the dial. The digital world has removed many of the dials, knobs, and rotors from our lives, in exchange for buttons and sliders. I suppose it’s just nice to have something round around.

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