Happy Hour

Yesterday, I met my friend Mitch at the Continental Club after work. The Continental was pretty much the reason I moved to Austin originally. My friend Jeff brought me here the night before my interview with GSD&M. It turned out that the Weary Boys (in their Mario Matteoli days) were playing that night. I was hooked. Last night was the Stone River Boyz, who despite their misspelled name, put on an airtight show. You might not be able to tell from this iPhone photo, but this guy played a mean baritone guitar. He knew his way around that long neck.

Dinner 1

Afterwards, dinner was a no-brainer. When I have access to the Deluxe Chicken-Avocado cone, I take advantage. You used to only find these at ACL fest, but now they’ve got their own trailer on South Congress.

Dinner 2

Just to break up the routine, I threw in a brisket taco from neighboring Airstream tenant Vaquero Cocina. I was a big fan of their typography, and the taco wasn’t bad either. But I wish the brisket had been served hot (it was chilly) and that they offered a corn tortilla option (flour only). Still, it was nice and spicy, with some tasty toppings in there, too. Here’s Taco Town’s take.

Dinner 3

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