Chicken Fried Baby Shower

A couple of weeks ago, I went back to Atlanta to celebrate the upcoming arrival of my first niece. Proud parents-to-be Margaret and Matt have nicknamed her Baby Chick, a nod to their last name, so we decided to throw a chick-themed baby shower.

Shower invite

Boiled peanuts made an excellent snackĀ  during the party favor preparation. We stuffed these bags with Peeps, Chic-O-Sticks, Chiclets and a little shredded green paper.

Shower 1

The original Chick helped out with the confetti cutting.

Shower 2

The spread at Melana’s house.

Shower 3

Shower 4

Mother’s legendary deviled eggs.

Shower 5

Shower 6

After the baby shower and the Anti-Baby-Shower-He-Man party the boys had, we had some fun trying out Baby Chick’s new loot on Cleo, the aging and attention-starved kitty.

Shower 7

Shower 8

Shower 9

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  1. Margaret says:

    I promise no kitties were harmed during the testing of these baby products!

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