Gold'n Crisp, La Grange TX

Almost back in Austin, we still had room for one final road meal. But we were off the Roadfood map, and not exactly in an area with any Yelp reviews. It was time to go old-school and pick a place based on looks alone.

We encountered this promising sign in La Grange, Texas. La Grange is the little town made famous by the Chicken Ranch, otherwise known as in The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. Yes, it was actually a real place. The town’s reputation was further cemented by ZZ Top’s eponymous air guitar standard.

Lagrange 1

Lagrange 2

Lagrange 3

What’s better than a little fried chicken across the railroad tracks from┬áthe cemetery?

Lagrange 4

The Gold’n Crisp lives up to its name.

Lagrange 5

A little advice for all you young fellas out there: Never underestimate a woman who’s comfortable tearing apart some chicken on the bone.

Lagrange 6

And with that, our week of eating on the road was over. (Oh yeah, I guess Eliza’s high school reunion was in there somewhere, too.) It was good to be back home after the equivalent of a work week in the car. And it was even better to realize that after all that time couped up in Eliza’s CRV, we weren’t even sick to death of each other.

Lagrange 7

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  1. Kandice S. says:

    Actually this place has the BEST hamburgers around… Char Broiled there is no place like em… So next time your in the neighborhood check em out!

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