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In Praise of the Unitasker

It’s great when something does more than one thing for you. In the case of mobile phones, it’s nice when they can double as a camera, for example, as it means you have one less thing to carry around. Alton … Continue reading

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Shuck Shack

Yesterday afternoon we ventured to East Austin to check out Shuck Shack, a new seafood joint. We got there before the kitchen opened and were invited to have a seat and a cocktail in their patio area. I hesitated, because … Continue reading

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Happy Hour

Yesterday, I met my friend Mitch at the Continental Club after work. The Continental was pretty much the reason I moved to Austin originally. My friend Jeff brought me here the night before my interview with GSD&M. It turned out … Continue reading

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The Anxiety Of Internet

Alex Ross, author of The Rest Is Noise, had a piece in the New Yorker a couple of weeks ago about listening to classical music on the internet. The article was called “Infinite Playlist.” There was one passage in it … Continue reading

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Prejean's, Lafayette LA

NOTE: This post was supposed to be part of our big road trip series, but it somehow got lost in the shuffle. Road Food had lots of great-sounding recommendations for lunch in Lafayette, but we were finally swayed by the … Continue reading

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How To Make Your Bathroom Adorable

Step one: Marry Eliza. Step two: Wait. This little beauty appeared in our bathroom while I was away on business. (Doesn’t “away on business” sound like something a secretary in Mad Men would say?) At any rate, I’ve asked her … Continue reading

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Chicken Fried Baby Shower

A couple of weeks ago, I went back to Atlanta to celebrate the upcoming arrival of my first niece. Proud parents-to-be Margaret and Matt have nicknamed her Baby Chick, a nod to their last name, so we decided to throw … Continue reading

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Gillette Is Trying To Ruin Your Life

When I worked in advertising, I’d often hear the following tidbit recited to prospective clients: The average American encounters something like 3,000 marketing messages every single day. We were of course citing this statistic without the least hint of irony … Continue reading

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Gold'n Crisp, La Grange TX

Almost back in Austin, we still had room for one final road meal. But we were off the Roadfood map, and not exactly in an area with any Yelp reviews. It was time to go old-school and pick a place … Continue reading

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Majoria's Commerce Restaurant, New Orleans LA

On our second stop through New Orleans, we were tired and ready to be back home. Arriving late in the evening, we headed for the familiar. ¬†We had a quick, late night dinner at Mother’s (our second visit of the … Continue reading

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