Interlude: The Jaxon Factor

This was our second cross-country drive with our dog Jaxon in tow. Our first was when I moved two years ago. It took two grueling days and, to add to our stress, Jaxon decided that she would hold out on a bathroom break until we arrived in Austin. I almost hauled her to the vet for an IV, but after a carton of chicken broth and hours of patient coaxing, Jaxon finally let go.

This time, Jaxon was much less neurotic, but still very particular.

jaxon walk 1

We thought she might like this quiet tree-lined street in Mobile, but she turned it down in favor of a grassy park that evening in New Orleans.

jaxon walk 2

Here she is relaxing and settling in for an episode of True Blood at the New Orleans La Quinta.

la quinta

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