Vandy's, Statesboro GA

We made it to Statesboro just in time for a mid-afternoon lunch at Vandy’s Bar-B-Q. This beloved cinderblock Statesboro institution has been serving up bbq plates (small or large – those are pretty much your only choices) and sweet tea to locals for 80 years. Though we live in the land of great bbq here in Austin, I often long for Vandy’s. The pork is chopped vigorously (and loudly), so that the meat, fat, and charred bits are perfectly combined. It’s all smothered with a slightly sweet vinegar and mustard sauce. The Brunswick stew is so thick and meaty you can eat it with a fork. And though Ben often shuns carbs, I like my Vandy’s with a healthy stack of white bread.

Vandy's bldgs 2

Here is the smokehouse around back. Not to be confused with that awful place in Greenville. This is where all the magic happens. I think they may have been burning some old shipping pallets in there, but it sure smelled amazing.

Vandy's bldgs 1

Ben loved Vandy’s so much, he ate it two days in a row. I think it may have been his favorite part of our weekend in Statesboro.

Vandy's 2

Vandy's 1

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  1. JoxBob says:

    Good stuff. Growing up in Statesboro, when our Saturdays were too busy for Mama to cook, she’d bring home the Vandy’s BBQ with stew and sometimes a fresh loaf of bread. My brother and my Dad could put a dent in 2 lbs. of meat, leaving no stew – thick and tasty. Leftover sandwichs were gone by Monday (big homecooked meal on Sunday dinner after church – almost every time).

    Thanks for the pics too. The new owners are old friends of mine and good folks.

    Regards, John

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