Dancing Goats Coffee Bar, Atlanta GA

We are serious coffee snobs. And I am certifiably obsessed. I even brought my own thermos of iced coffee concentrate on the road (which was a brilliant call).

I usually delight in bringing visitors to Austin’s Caffe Medici, which serves espresso that rivals any cafe’s in the world. So I was at least a little skeptical when brother-in-law Matt told us about some expensive machine called “The Clover” at their local coffee shop. According to Matt, it used some sort of space-aged pressure system to brew the perfect cup of coffee.

Of course, I shouldn’t have doubted him. I’d had Batdorf & Bronson’s coffee before, both at the Dancing Goats coffee shop (also on Matt’s advice) and at Star Provisions. I remember it being great, and even being disappointed once I got home and was unable to match it. But maybe my memory didn’t actually serve me well, I thought. Maybe my tastes were so refined now as to render previous judgments irrelevant.

How wrong I was. In terms of brewed (non-espresso) coffee, it was definitely one of the best cups I’ve ever tasted.


The Clover in action. It’s sort of like an upside-down french press.


After the brewing time is up, the barista clears this little hockey puck of grounds with a squeegee. What a time to be alive.



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