First Stop: L&S Taqueria, Luling TX

Barely an hour outside of Austin, in Luling, we spotted a place called L&S Taqueria. We liked the looks of their hand-painted sign and their “refuse service to anyone” attitude. Turns out those handcrafted signs were harbinger of very good things to come. Breakfast tacos are something that we take quite seriously in Austin and these were among the best we’ve ever had, mostly owing to their fresh, doughy, yet crisp corn tortillas.

The hand-painted signs were a sign of good things to come.

L&S 2

A menu so big, they had to double up.

L&S 3

L&S 4 (1)

There was also a chorizo, egg and cheese taco, but I ate it before Eliza could get the camera out.

L&S 5 (1)

At this point in our journey, Jaxon was still a little confused about what was happening.

L&S 6

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