Avalon Diner, Houston TX

Originally, our plan was to have breakfast in Houston, but it didn’t work out that way. Breakfast became lunch, and this was to prove a theme of the trip. Of course, the nice thing about driving is that when plans change, it’s no big deal. So we had burgers at the Avalon Diner in Houston instead of eggs.

We read about the Avalon in Jane and Michael Stern’s Roadfood. And while the burgers, onion rings and milkshake were all pretty solid, it wasn’t exactly our idea of “road food.” It was really a neighborhood diner (and a bit out of our way). It turns out that Roadfood’s idea of road food encompasses not only highway fare, but also meals in “city neighborhoods.”

Can you see the heat in these photos? It was absolutely unbearable out there.

Avalon 8

Eliza puts in the order. The service was a bit surly, which we liked.

Avalon 7

Jaxon cooled off with a little beverage.

Avalon 5

Onion rings: excellent and plentiful.

Avalon 4

Prepare for insulin shock.

Avalon 3

This is probably the most awesome photo ever taken of me. Thanks, babe.

Avalon 2

And finally, Jaxon settles into the journey. Everyone was feeling good except for Ben, who needed a nap about 20 minutes after hitting the road. The chocolate shake was a bad decision.

Avalon 1

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  1. Sue says:

    I grew up eating at Avalon Diner! It used to be a little counter inside of a restaurant & shop. My mom would take me and my friends there after school for a milkshake and grilled cheese. It was a total holdover from the 50s. I haven’t been to the new location. PS. Jaxon is adorable.

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